Training/Competition Building Rental

Smith Training Equipment is proud to now offer a fully equipped building for training, classes and competitions on site at our location in Abbotsford for dog sport enthusiasts!


Located at 5520 Ross Road in Abbotsford, the 80′ X 168′ fully enclosed building has power/lighting, ample parking (including RV parking) and the footing is a sand/silica mixture (the same surface found at Thunderbird Equestrian Park).  There is also a fully fenced off-leash area beside the building, and portapotty facilities.  The facility has been measured and approved for AAC one-ring trials.

Fully equipped with two rings of agility equipment, the building is available to rent for classes and trials; secure dividers and separate entrances mean it can be split into two halves for class or practice rental simultaneously.

The cost for a 1/2 ring rental is $20 per hour (includes use of equipment) for classes/practice, or $35.00 for 2 hours, plus 5% tax.  To book, please email the Barn Manager.

To book trials, seminars or other events, and to inquire about the costs, please email the Barn Manager.

Please note: all rental fees are due and payable upon booking; ongoing rental times are payable in advance for the month at the beginning of that month.

Friday evening through Sundays:  If you have booked an ongoing rental between 4PM on Fridays and closing on Sundays, be aware that your rental time will automatically be bumped for all day, full-building  events (ie trials, seminars etc.)  Please review the calendar regularly to see if your ongoing space has been bumped for an event before coming to the building, and please account for that interruption when making your payment for the month.  The Barn Manager will endeavor to remind you that your time is bumped whenever possible, but you should also review the calendar.

REVIEW THE CALENDAR before booking to ensure the time you would like is available.  Make sure to refresh to ensure you are viewing the most up to date version.

Please be considerate of the neighbours and keep barking and noise to a minimum.  Please do NOT allow your dogs to eliminate inside or on the exterior of the building – please use the provided off leash area for elimination, and please pick up after your dog.  If you do not clean up after your dog, building rental services may be denied to you in the future.  Whenever possible, please put the equipment away when you are done using the building.  If you are unable to do this by yourself, Harold may be able to assist you.

Please do not allow your dogs to be off leash inside the building unless they are actively working.

Please respect the residents of the property and keep yourself and your dogs away from the private fences / poultry / yards.

Building insurance prohibits the use of the building for IPO/Schutzhund/Protection/BiteSports of any kind.  We are not able to rent the building to you for this purpose.

If you have any questions about the facility and/or rentals, please email the Barn Manager.


dates/times bookings are approximate only and may not accurately represent actual physical bookings.