Aluminum Dog Boxes

Smith Training Equipment has been fabricating professional grade agility equipment since 1997.  This experience in strong, sturdy, durable design and welding has led to the production of custom built aluminum dog travel boxes for vehicles or even home use.  These aluminum crates are manufactured with key fundamentals in mind; safety, security, visibility and quality.

Aluminum crates are welded to create a strong enclosure to protect your dogs in the event of a vehicle collision.  They come with key-locking slam latches to prevent theft or escape.  The crates are built to maximize visibility for the driver of the vehicle, as they minimize blind spots – and they have excellent air flow thanks to the well-spaced aluminum welded bars.  Like our agility equipment, these crates are built to last, and are professionally powder coated for aesthetics and longevity.

These dog boxes are custom built to your specifications and will fit exactly where you need them to in the vehicle, so less wasted space in the vehicle.

We also build custom aluminum or aluminum and plywood platforms for vehicles, to maximize the use of space for storage and transport of accessories.

Prices for platforms start at $125.00

Prices for aluminum crates:  Because most of our crates are custom made, prices will depend on the size and amenities of the specific custom build.  Please contact us for more information on how we can design your custom vehicle crate.